Swedish Massage

Experience gentle, long strokes restoring blood circulation, promoting detoxification, and releasing tension.

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Swedish Massage Deep Tissue Service in Ridgeland MS

What Is A Swedish Massage?

Swedish massage is probably one of the most popular massages in the world. It’s known for its relaxing effects. The techniques that a massage therapist uses are able to bring the clients body into total relaxation. Effleurage (long, gliding strokes of the muscles), petrissage (a kneading motion of the muscles), and slow circular motions are the main massage techniques that are used in Swedish massage session. Light stretching can also be incorporated into a Swedish massage upon request. A Swedish massage, also known as a relaxing massage, is one of the most common requested massages among clients. When a client comes in and say “I just want to relax”, a Swedish massage is recommended.

What Are The Benefits Of A Swedish Massage?

The benefits of a Swedish massage (although lighter pressure is applied) also has many benefits. It enables a client to relax and unwind. Most people experience a decrease in stress levels after receiving a Swedish massage. Swedish massages are also known to help manage anxiety and depression. They also help boost immunity and also help decrease high blood pressure. People who suffer from headaches may prefer a Swedish massage over a deep tissue massage due to the pressure that a client can tolerate. Both type of massages is known to help relieve headaches. People who suffered from sleep apnea, also saw improvement in their sleep patterns, when they received Swedish massages on a regular basis. Swedish massages and deep tissue massages are both therapeutic, even though different pressure are applied

Swedish Massage Deep Tissue Service in Ridgeland MS
Swedish Massage Deep Tissue Service in Ridgeland MS

Will I Benefit From Swedish Massage?

The majority of people will benefit from a Swedish massage, especially clients who just want to relax. If you’re under a lot of stress from work or school, and need a natural stress reliever, a Swedish massage is perfect for you.

Why Shouldn’t I Get A Swedish Massage?

A Swedish massage is generally safe. In case of an open cut or wound, massage to that specific area should be avoided. Clients who have a fever, uncontrolled high blood pressure, and blood clots should not receive a Swedish massage or any other type of massage until the condition is resolved.

Swedish Massage Deep Tissue Service in Ridgeland MS
Swedish Massage Deep Tissue Service in Ridgeland MS

What To Expect When Receiving This Service?

When a Swedish massage is performed, the massage therapist will start off lightly applying oil, cream, or lotion. The amount of pressure being applied will go from light to medium. This pressure will be significantly lighter compared to a deep tissue massage. The massage therapist will provide massage strokes that are long, slow, and relaxing. Clients are often encouraged to take slow deep breaths when a Swedish massage is being performed. This helps to increase the relaxing effects of the massage. You can also let your massage therapist know if you would prefer lighter or deeper pressure. Some Swedish massages may be considered as a light pressure Swedish massage or a firm pressure Swedish massage. Either way, a Swedish massage should never cause extreme pain. The pressure that a massage therapist uses in a Swedish massage is often able to be tolerated for every area of the body. Unlike a deep tissue massage, the same pressure is applied throughout the entire massage session. It’s common for clients to fall asleep while a Swedish massage is being performed. This is normal. Clients normally experience a refreshing and renewed effect after a Swedish massage session.

What Is The Length Of A Swedish Massage Session?

All time slots are available for a deep tissue massage. A session can last from 30 minutes, up to 2 hours. Longer sessions are recommended for a deeper relaxation experience.

Swedish Massage Deep Tissue Service in Ridgeland MS