Pregnancy is an essential aspect of a woman’s life that requires emotional, physical, and medical care as the body changes. Luckily, prenatal massage has been proven effective in addressing discomfort, swelling of joints, and emotional breakdown. Next Level Massage provides the best prenatal massage near me to ease your nine-month journey that brings life to this world. As a professional therapist with years of 5-star rated services, I recommend this healing therapy before and after giving birth. Read on to learn what a prenatal massage is and why you should have it for your pregnancy.

What is a prenatal Massage?

A prenatal massage is a unique form of massage therapy tailored to the specific needs of a pregnant woman. A therapist uses techniques to relieve physical pain, spasms, and pregnancy-related muscle tension. The primary focus is to promote relaxation and overall well-being. With baby growth, women’s pelvic and abdomen transform, causing unusual body pain, foot swelling, abnormal posture, mood swings, sleep issues, etc. Massage therapy helps overcome these issues for the betterment of the mother and baby. Almost all women can benefit from this therapy regardless of the pregnancy stage. To find the best therapist, search for the best prenatal massage near me and choose the one after reading reviews.

Why Prenatal Massage?

Studies have shown that pregnancy massages are beneficial for pregnant mothers in overcoming issues like back pain, swelling, and stress.

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

  • Relives stress from joints that bear weights and muscular structures.
  • The therapy improves blood circulation, which results in better nutrition for the mother and baby,
  • Helpful to improve the immune system by triggering lymph circulation and removing toxins.
  • Due to massage, hormone levels are stabilized, thereby relieving stress and encouraging a positive mood.
  • Prenatal massage releases endorphin hormones to relax the nervous system and comfort expectant mothers.
  • Assists in adjusting and maintaining the posture affected by added weight. The massage makes load-bearing joints flexible, thus increasing their load capacity.
  • Studies proved that massage assists the blood return to the heart and increases blood flow to cater to the uterus and placenta’s blood needs. A pregnant woman’s heart must pump 35-50% more blood than usual.
  • A pregnancy massage is a drug-free alternative that alleviates stress and pain and saves mother and baby from drug-related side effects.

Pregnancy Massage Process

prenatal massage and pregnancy massage process , different angles and positions during the massage

The prenatal or Pregnancy massage process is simple but requires careful treatment by a therapist with essential steps:

  1. A pregnant mother needs to lie on her side with proper pillows and a comfortable table.
  2. A therapist utilizes the cushioning system designed specifically for pregnancy massage.
  3. Gentle pressure is applied to specific areas instead of deep tissue massage and intense muscle manipulation.
  4. The prominent technique of prenatal massage is the Swedish massage for the back, shoulders, and neck, which lasts around 40 minutes.
  5. A 90-minute full body massage can be done with extra care through a proper health care consultation while avoiding sensitive areas.
  6. Gentle strokes focusing on comfort while being mindful of swelling to apply lymph drainage technique is helpful.
  7. Extra care is taken with communication, comfortable position, and avoiding certain areas.

If you are worried about your safety, you can easily get more details about prenatal massage near me from therapist.

Difference Between Prenatal Massage and Regular Massage

On the right side is the regular massage and on the left is the prenatal massage. the image is for the article 'prenatal massage near me'

The critical difference is the focus amount of pressure and safety considerations. Following is the list of differences:

  • Positioning: In prenatal therapy, the mother-to-be is positioned on the side with special pillows and cushions for comfort. It is also the best position for both mother and baby. Sometimes, a cutout table is used while the mother lies face down to avoid the pressure on the abdomen. On the other hand, the therapist recommends the types of positions for regular massage with more freedom.
  • Pressure and Intensity: A prenatal massage’s pressure and muscle manipulation are mostly gentle, and deep tissue massage is avoided for the lower body parts such as the abdomen, legs, and lower back. However, a regular massage involves all kinds of skin and muscle manipulations, as the therapist recommends.
  • Targeted Areas: The therapist targets specific areas of pregnancy-related discomforts, such as thighs, feet, hips, legs, and lower back, to relieve back pain, swelling, and stress. Regular massage targets a broad range of body parts, including full-body sessions and focusing on various body issues.
  • Avoidance of Certain Areas: During the First trimester of pregnancy, the therapist avoids areas like the abdomen and ankles. However, in the late stage of pregnancy, a gentle massage can be applied with strict precautions. However, therapists can use pressure and massage techniques on all body parts for regular massage.
  • Safety Precautions: A prenatal massage therapist knows the anatomy of a pregnant woman and is fully trained to apply safety precautions. He refrains from using massage on specific areas as they can induce unwanted contractions. A regular massage does not require such strict precautions.
  • Communication: During massage therapy, there is a need for constant communication between a pregnant lady and the professional. It helps to avoid any discomfort and to produce practical results. Unlike prenatal massage, regular massage therapy does not require communication on such a level.
  • Prenatal Massage Certification: To perform a prenatal massage, the therapist must have a certification that requires specific training to massage pregnant women. This training enables a professional to change techniques when cautions and technicalities are involved. However, a regular massage therapist is trained in general massage techniques.

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Refer to the table for a quick overview

Details Prenatal Massage Regular Massage
Positioning  Expectant Mother lying on the side As recommended by therapist (multiple positions)
Cushioning System Enhanced and Specific for Prenatal Massage  Less specific, usual as other massages
Stroking and Pressures Gentle and mild pressure All kinds of stroking and pressure applying
Target Areas Specific to pregnancy All areas
Safety Precautions  strict and more than regular Usual precautions
Risks and Concerns High Normal
Issues to address Pregnancy related Skeletal and muscle related that occur commonly
Pre-Consultation Necessary optional
Complexity Highly Complex and Technical Less complex and Normal

Safety Precautions and Importance of Trained Practitioners

  • The prenatal massage is highly technical due to the changing anatomy. Therefore, you should always confirm that you hire a professional with certification and the best rating for safety and better results. Keep in mind the following safety precautions for prenatal massage.
  • Consultation with a healthcare provider: Your healthcare provider knows the situation and whether or not to have massage therapy. Therefore, it is essential to consult to avoid unwanted results and issues.
  • Adaptation to Pregnancy Progression: You should always be aware of pregnancy progression. Your body adapts as the baby grows. A great professional is well knowledgeable of the changing anatomy of women during pregnancy. He should be able to change techniques accordingly. It may also require tables and pillows made specifically for pregnant ladies.
  • Modifications of Acupressure Points. As specific points may induce contractions, the therapist should be aware of acupressure points to avoid discomfort. Any professional for prenatal massage near me should know this.
  • Specialized Training: While considering the sensitivity and technicality of pregnancy massage, a therapist with specialized training is recommended. The training includes knowledge of effective massage, safety equipment, and awareness of the needs of expectant mothers.
  • Continued Education and Certification: A professional therapist always engages himself with continuous education to learn the latest techniques. For this reason, hiring an expert with authentic credentials is beneficial. If were you, I would select a

Finding the Best Prenatal Massage Near Me

Happy Pregnant lady eating food. Related to prenatal massage near me

Finding the best massage therapist can be difficult. To find the best therapist, search for the best “prenatal massage near me.” Choose Next Level Massage, which has positive feedback with over 500+ five-star reviews. To know more about the therapist, you can read the introduction and thoughts about the nature of the services. You can also consider the help from your family, peers, colleagues, and friends who can refer you to the right therapist. Remember the following points:

  • Positive feedback: Make sure the therapist has a long history of positive feedback.
  • Licensed Therapist: Check for licensed therapists trained and aware of human anatomy.
  • Specialization in Prenatal Massage Therapy: Prenatal and regular massages are different; therefore, you must select a professional specializing in prenatal massage.
  • Comparing prices and packages: Select an affordable therapist with attractive packages.
  • Look for convenience and Accessibility: Make sure the therapist is easy to locate, available when needed, and has a convenient style of therapy and a comfortable environment.

How do I Prepare for a Prenatal Massage Near Me?

By following the steps given below, you prepare for prenatal massage near you.

  • Consulting your health care provider and discussing any recommendations
  • Communicate your concerns and preferences with the massage therapist for better results
  • You should know what is expected from the massage. Ask your therapist.
  • Familiarize yourself with commonly used techniques to enrich the experience
  • Discuss the benefits and risks involved and the precaution

FAQs about Prenatal Massage

From our experience, following are the frequently asked questions about prenatal message near me. Be sure to read them all and alleviate your doubts.

Is pregnancy massage safe during all stages of pregnancy?

Generally, the pregnancy massage or prenatal is safe for all locations, but it is crucial to consult your healthcare provider. The technicality and fit to massage situations vary from person to person and stage to location, making it more important to consult.

Where is the best prenatal massage near me?

One of the best prenatal massage therapists near me is in Ridgeland, MS, named Next-Level-Massage. The therapist is certified and licensed with encouraging feedback. You can understand how effective services are from the 500+ reviews on the Google business profile. In addition, the best prenatal massage near you is affordable and done with effective communication by a well-trained and licensed professional.

Is it safe to receive a pregnancy massage if I have a high-risk pregnancy?

Usually, prenatal massages are safely done by professional therapists with certification. However, if you have a high-risk pregnancy, you must consult your doctor to know whether or not your body supports this kind of massage.

How often should I get a pregnancy massage?

The number of times you can get a pregnancy massage differs from person to person. To know about yourself, consult with your doctor. Your healthcare provider may provide you with a schedule specific to your needs. However, 2-3 is a usual number among many people.

What should I wear during a prenatal massage near me?

Therapists provide draping (covering with sheets). Only the area that’s being massaged will be uncovered. A client are welcome to dress to their comfort level during the massage.

What should I expect during a pregnancy massage session?

You will be fully covered except for the area being massaged. You will then lie on your side on a table with pillows for enhanced cushion. The massage will be gentle but relaxing, targeting issues related to pregnancy.

Is prenatal massage safe?

Most of the time, prenatal massage is safe because of strict precautions and trained professionals. To ensure extra safety, you should consult your doctor and therapist to know how safe you are to have a massage.

Can I use aromatherapy during a pregnancy massage?

Aromatherapy is generally safe, but use oils and aromas safe for mother and baby. Some oils can trigger issues; therefore, you must talk with your massage expert beforehand.

How do I find a qualified prenatal massage therapist near me?

Finding a qualified prenatal massage therapist is easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Search “qualified prenatal therapist near me” and select the one that has a long history of service and encouraging feedback. Read through the comments. You will know if the expert is qualified or not.
  • Get recommendations from your peers, colleagues, and friends who have experienced prenatal therapy

What are the main concerns about Prenatal Massage?

Prenatal massage is technical and requires you to know the primary concerns:

  • Safety, Precautions, and risks involved
  • When to avoid prenatal massage?
  • Separating Facts from Fiction

What makes Next Level Massage Center Qualified for the best prenatal massage near me?

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Final Thoughts

As you have read about prenatal massage, it bears excellent benefits for [pregnant women who are going through stress and emotional and physical discomfort such as joint pain, swelling, and headache. Preparing yourself for the massage is necessary by consulting with your healthcare provider and massage therapist. You should expect gentle, comforting, and pain-relieving massage therapy from a professional therapist.

To have the best prenatal massage near you, look for the ones with great reputation and feedback. Using “best prenatal massage near me,” you can get help from Google Business.