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Welcome to Next Level Massage, the leading provider of premium quality massage services in Jackson, MS. With more than 12 years of professional experience, I’m a highly skilled, Licensed Massage Therapist who’s dedicated to ensuring your utmost comfort and satisfaction.

I specialize in the most popular type of massages. Whether you’re in need of a Deep Tissue Massage to release tension, a Swedish Massage for relaxation, a focused Shoulder and Neck Massage, a soothing Prenatal Massage, or a revitalizing Foot Massage, I’ve got you covered.

At Next Level Massage, I offer personalized care that suits your unique needs. Come experience my welcoming space and allow me to assist you in unwinding, finding relief from stress, and achieving the relaxation you truly deserve.


Massage Services

Next Level Massage serves the great city of Jackson, MS and beyond. I specialize in offering specific treatments which are designed to alleviate pain, address injuries, and improve overall musculoskeletal health. The customized massages that I offer cover a range of techniques, which include:

deep tissue massage madison ms

As the name implies, in this type of massage, I target the deepest layers of muscle and connective tissue to provide relief from chronic tension and tightness.

Youth Massage Therapy Near Ridgeland/Jackson/Madison, MS

Focuses on gentle, long, and soft strokes which restores circulation of blood and oxygen while promoting detoxification and tension release.

Foot Massage Therapy Near Ridgeland/Jackson/Madison, MS

Transform your tiredness into rejuvenation as I alleviate discomfort, improve circulation, and provide a refreshing boost by using circular motions and sustained pinpoint pressure to areas of the feet.

Prenatal Massage Therapy in Ridgeland/Jackson/Madison, MS

I designed this session for expecting mothers by helping them to mitigate their pregnancy related stress as well as reduce their physical discomfort.

Youth Massage Therapy Near Ridgeland/Jackson/Madison, MS

I use light to medium pressure and calming techniques to promote proper relaxation and comfort for my young clients.

Shoulder Massage Therapy in Ridgeland/Jackson/Madison, MS

In this massage, I help clients by eliminating tension and spasms from the muscles, improving circulation as well as encouraging relaxation.

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#1 Massage Therapist in Jackson MS

Next Level Massage stands as the ultimate choice for massage therapy for the people in Jackson, MS. I am a skilled professional who’s fully licensed, patient, friendly, and dedicated to providing top quality services. I offer a range of massage techniques to improve your well-being and make you feel better. Whether you are in need of relaxation or recovery, Next Level Massage is the place to visit for a complete massage experience.

Relax, Reset, Recharge, Recover

As a Massage Therapist, my main goal has always been to help relax clients reduce pain through the therapeutic art of massage. This includes improving circulation, relieving pain caused by muscle tension, and creating a calm nervous system. As a Licensed Massage Therapist, I make each session special for you, so that your mind, body, and spirit can deeply relax. I believe everyone should be able to experience the benefits that massage provides, no matter their income status and therefore I offer the most affordable massage prices. My massage sessions begin at just $40. Affordable prices along with high quality massage services, makes Next Level Massage your go to place for massage.

My mission is to make you feel, calm, rejuvenated, and pain free, by providing massages that are truly on another level. Take the step today and make your health and wellness a priority. Reserve your revitalizing massage today.

Get started with a therapeutic massage today!

Interested in exploring the benefits of a therapeutic massage? Begin your journey towards relaxation and relief today. Book your session and see the impact yourself!

Meet your Massage Therapist: Terance Nelson

Let me introduce myself – I am Terance Nelson, your dedicated massage therapist at Next Level Massage. Having more than 12 years of massage experience makes me one of the most experienced and proficient massage therapists in Jackson, MS. My passion is to create specialized massage sessions that prioritize your relaxation and overall health.

Throughout the years, I have helped countless clients in discovering relief from conditions such as back pain, neck pain, jaw pain, headaches, sciatica, and many more ailments. Your comfort is my top priority. I am here to listen, understand, and provide the solace you are seeking. Please don’t hesitate to reach out today to experience a personalized session designed exclusively for you.

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Get started with a therapeutic massage today!

Interested in exploring the benefits of a therapeutic massage? Begin your journey towards relaxation and relief today. Book your session and see the impact yourself!

How to book:

Booking your massage therapy at Next Level Massage is super easy. Simply click my booking link, where you can effortlessly select your desired therapy, pick a suitable date, and choose the perfect time slot. If you need any further help, feel free to get in touch with me. I am here to ensure a smooth and hassle-free process for you.

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    Why Next Level Massage?

    • Over 600 5-Star Google Reviews! More than any other massage business in the State of MS!

    • Most affordable prices, starting at $40.

    • Specialized massages to meet your unique needs.
    • Proven track record with back, neck, headache, and sciatica relief.

    • Professional therapists with 12+ years of experience.

    • Trusted among Jackson MS’s most experienced therapists.

    • Genuine care for your comfort and concerns.

    • Techniques for deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

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    Adrianne L.

    5 star

    Absolutely amazing massage experience! Professional, kind, welcoming therapist in a clean, relaxing environment. He personally has a very calm demeanor which helped …

    Olexcess R.

    5 star

    Top Tier! Absolutely exceeded my expectations. Y’all don’t walk RUN! Seriously I’m really big on massages. I have had quite a few, but this particular one was to die for…

    Londa B.

    5 star

    Next Level Massage is a 10/10. The atmosphere and the aesthetic did not disappoint! Those things add to the overall experience. Terance is awesome at what he does. Very professional…

    Your go to massage destination in Jackson and nearby areas

    Discover the ultimate massage therapy right here in Jackson – where relaxation, relief, and rejuvenation come together seamlessly. As a skilled and experienced therapist, I’m always ready to provide an experience that will leave you feeling fully tranquil. Book your session now and experience a world of soothing bliss!

    My Massage Enhancement Services:



    Aromatherapy also known as essential oil therapy is a healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote health and well-being. Humans have a long history of using it for thousands of years. It uses aromatic essential oils medicinally to improve the health of the body, mind, and spirit.

    Sugar Foot Scrub

    Sugar Foot Scrub

    This is a scrub made from sugar, oils, and essential oils. It helps improve blood circulation, removes dead skin cells, prevents cracked heels, gives you smooth skin, relieves muscle tension from standing or walking all day long, and soothes tired muscles.

    Targeted Muscle Therapy

    Muscle Therapy

    Muscle therapy helps with muscle problems like aches and pains. I use a special massage gun that goes deep into the muscles. It helps sore and achy muscles feel better. The gun is used to target areas of pain. It uses fast vibrations to bring blood to the area and reduce pain.

    ProBio Muscle Treatment

    ProBio Muscle Treatment

    I use warm towels, Prossage, and Biofreeze on a certain area of the body. This helps you feel better because the warmth and coldness give relief to that area.

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    Downtown area of jackson, ms

    About Jackson, Mississippi

    Jackson is the capital of Mississippi. It’s also Mississippi’s largest city. Jackson is a vibrant city by the Pearl River that mixes history, culture, and Southern charm. People love its music, food, and places to visit. One special place is the Smith Robertson Museum, showing African American history. There’s also the Russell C. Davis Planetarium for space fans. In the Fondren District, you can shop and see art. The Old Capitol Museum talks about the city’s past. Jackson is full of culture and history that makes it really special.

    Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

    My services include Deep Tissue, Swedish, Foot, Prenatal, Youth, and Neck/Shoulder Massages. Scalp massage is also provided upon request.

    Booking is super easy! Just click on my booking link, select your desired therapy, date, and time. That’s it. For any further help, contact me.

    My sessions usually last between 30 minutes to 2 hours. However, it depends on your choice and massage type.

    Sorry, I don’t offer couple massages at the moment. I am able to do massages one after another, something many of my clients who comes together choose to do. The benefit of this is that you’re able to sit in the room and watch while the massage is being performed.

    Absolutely! As a skilled and experienced therapist, I’m well-trained in accommodating various pressure preferences, just inform me and I’ll handle the rest.

    Yes, I offer easy parking options to ensure a convenient visit for my valued clients.

    I will have a conversation with you about your preferences and any concerns you might have. Based on this discussion, I will design a personalized session that prioritizes your ultimate comfort and relaxation. Feel free to ask any question, before, during, or after your massage session.